The Perks of the Food Truck Business

Posted on 30 march 2015

It is a rare sight these days to visit a city without spotting a line of hungry customers queuing for a meal at a food truck. From breakfast burritos to duck confit, professionals, tourists and locals alike have become loyal followers of the food truck scene.

But what’s in it for a business owner? Should café owners be concerned? We’re not the first to admit that starting up in the hospitality industry is tough. From finding enough funding through to navigating complexities with regulations and licencing, it’s no walk in the park. Hospitality owners often cite this tough journey as the reason the satisfaction of opening the doors is so high! And when the profits start rolling, well, no beach vacation can compare to watching your baby succeed.

Starting a food truck is just one way to get into the hospitality scene, usually with a lower outlay, less complexity (sometimes!) and a little more flexibility.

The mobility of a food truck allows you to decide when and where you would like to be located and how often you will open your ‘doors’.

Another key advantage is technology. It is perhaps no surprise that food trucks did not exist in a major way before Social Media. Now customers are able to get information on the food truck’s location, opening times and specials all with a swipe on their phone.

But how can these exist alongside the more traditional café owner? The traditional café still holds some advantages a food truck does not.  Food trucks are heavily dependent on the weather with very few offering seating nearby, let alone seating out of the rain, wind and snow. While the nearby café pulls out the heaters and blankets to invite customers into a cosy setting, the food truck can only rely on quality food with an acceptable price point for both customer and profit. Even though a food truck can move to multiple locations the importance of foot traffic is key and in some months, this can prove tough for business.  

For food trucks to co-exist with the traditional café owners, food trucks need to be creative and unique. They need to provide an offering that cannot be sought elsewhere and one that justifies the lack of seating, cosy atmosphere and ability to upsell with a second coffee.

We believe in our vibrant hospitality scene and any method that makes getting your foot in the door work for you! Whether it be a café or food truck, we hope to one day welcome you to the exciting world of hospitality.