Restaurant Promotion Ideas for Summer

Posted on 26 may 2017

If you're in the restaurant business, summer is a great time to market what you've got to offer. Not only are most people either on vacation or out of school, but they're looking to kick back, have fun, and maybe spend a little more than they ordinarily would. However, knowing that summer is a great time to market and knowing how to go about it are two different things. Here are some summer restaurant promotion ideas that should help you get going.

Capitalize on All the Holidays

Father's Day and the Fourth of July are great, but did you know that June 20th is National Ice Cream Day, or that June 22nd is National Chocolate Eclair Day? Since Father's Day comes right between these two holidays, it's a great time to merge ideas. Offer dads a free ice cream on National Ice Cream Day, or hand out chocolate eclairs to entice visitors on National Chocolate Eclair day. Set up an editorial calendar and look at the obscure holidays you might be missing. Then, incorporate them into your summer restaurant promotion ideas.

Hustle with Heat

Many restaurants have found success by utilizing the heat to their advantage. If your location regularly sees astronomical temperatures during the summer, have a deal where customers get 10% off if the temperature is above 100 degrees. If you own a coffee shop, give a dollar off your iced drinks if the temperature is above a certain number. It might seem odd, but it has worked for many businesses in the past.

On the Shoulders of Giants

Okay, you might not be on the shoulders of giants with this idea, but you can at least ride their coat tails. If you see a big-name restaurant running a successful national ad campaign, piggyback off that and create a similar campaign for your own restaurant. Let's say a large chain restaurant comes out with a deal that offers customers five items for five dollars. Take that idea and create meals with five items in them that you can sell for five dollars. It's a great way to kick-start your marketing when you're in a pinch for summer restaurant promotion ideas.

Ambition Not Required

What's the last thing most people want to do during the summer? Walk. Basically, if it requires getting up from the lounge chair on the beach, it's probably not attractive. Many coffee shops and small restaurants have capitalized on this truth by offering delivery to nearby destinations. Let's say you're a coffee shop near a beach. Offer a service wherein people can call in, tell you which tower they're closest to, and have their iced coffee delivered. People don't mind paying a little extra to avoid walking in the heat so use that to your advantage.

Partner with Bloggers

There are plenty of foodies out there running exciting blogs that tell readers where to get the best food. Partnering with a popular blog can help you reach a whole new market of customers that may not have known you existed before. Reach out to these blog owners and ask them if they'd be willing to partner with you or feature you on their site. If they do, you'll likely see the benefit very quickly. Offer a discount for people who found you on the blog to encourage even more patronage.

These are just five summer restaurant promotion ideas, but there are countless ways to bring people in during the summer. Even putting out a comical sign that reads "SALE: Free Air Conditioning" can attract people to your restaurant when it's too hot outside.

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