SCAA Atlanta Highlights

Posted on 27 april 2016

We’re back from SCAA Atlanta, and to be honest, a little caffeined out!

Silver Chef funds a lot of coffee equipment, in fact over $1 million a month of espresso equipment globally! Needless to say we were eager to see the latest trends in coffee and roasting equipment all under one roof. From grinders to espresso machines, through to coffee roasters and beverage equipment for cold brew and nitro, we couldn’t get enough.

Highlight one - Starting a café workshop

First up we attended a workshop on starting a café and best practice café design, where Tom Palm from Design & Layout Services said it best, ‘Consider the equipment first! Plan your menu and don’t skimp on what you need.’ We couldn’t agree more, and this certainly set the stage for what we’d see over the next three days.

We have seen a whole lot of coffee machines in our time, so we relished the opportunity to see the newest trends in equipment efficiency and design. We started at the La Marzocco booth, to grab a much needed espresso, and met up with our Australian team to continue our tour through more premium coffee equipment manufacturers, Nuova Simonelli and Slayer.

After chatting with coffee machine suppliers, we headed to the newest in roasting equipment. From Diedrich to Probat, right through to Joper, it was fun to experience the roasters on the show floor, being able to touch and feel the quality parts without burning one’s hand mid roast.

Highlight two – Coffee machine innovation and design

Soon after we headed back to the coffee machines, where our heart as equipment funders really lies. We checked out the newest from the Modbar machines, some really cool innovation shaking up the espresso machine market. Two macchiatos later we were itching to take a look at the Poureasy, the newest in pourover efficiency and winner of the SCAA 2015 Product of the Year. In many ways the perfect example of saving labour by adding equipment designed for efficiency and consistency. Despite a heavy crowd, we lucked out and got a full demonstration of the machine right from programming the pourovers through to sampling. With already one machine in Toronto, we expect to see these guys making a bigger splash in Canada coffee over the coming years.

On a design front, trends from companies like Modbar and La Marzocco are showing that customized coffee machines are becoming more important to the business owner as the aesthetic appeal of the coffee shop is now key. From bold colours, to stars and stripes, it was the perfect blend of function and design on the show floor.

Highlight three – Coffee…. and beer!

After a long day we headed to the Uppers and Downers bar, a new concept from SCAA showcasing the newest in coffee and beer. Spiller Park, Octane and Angry Orchard were sampling some of their latest beers and ciders, a refreshing break from espresso and a great opportunity to meet up with new friends across the globe. 

Now at the final night of SCAA we attended the Baristas Guild function where we blew a few Americans away when explaining Rent-Try-Buy. What barista doesn’t want the best machine to work with no matter the budget! Our new friends were envious of a funding option that could secure their equipment of choice for just a few dollars a day. Sorry guys we’re not in the U.S. quite yet, but you heard it here first, watch this space!

All in all we had a fantastic time at SCAA Atlanta, so much so, we will be exhibiting at the 2017 SCAA Expo in Seattle. Big thanks to the SCAA team for the work behind the scenes, we know from experience that it takes a lot of teamwork (and plenty of coffee!) to get such a great event off the ground.