Toronto is baking up a profit

Posted on 07 april 2016

Out East, old-school baking is on the return, and we’re certainly not complaining. We’re seeing more and more coffee shops in Toronto turn to homemade goods, particularly of the baking kind. New menus with fresh muffins, croissants and sweet and savoury pastries are appearing in your local coffee shop.

Coffee haunts like Empire Espresso and Manic Coffee are now baking up a storm (of flour) in the kitchen. Back on the West Coast, Beaucoup has capitalized on this trend and has established a great reputation among locals, regularly selling out of their popular lines before noon.

Known as high profit lines, pastries and baked items suit the ‘grab and go’ lifestyle. Customers lining up for coffee? They are likely hungry too. Why not offer a coffee and muffin special? By setting the right price point, your coffee shop can generate more profit and make for some happy customers who may add that tasty muffin to their morning coffee routine.

But how do you capitalize on this trend and turn to baking in-house over existing pastry suppliers? Commercial equipment is expensive and you most likely don’t have a whole lot of room in your back of house, right? Not necessarily! Expanding your kitchen with bakery equipment doesn’t have to cost the earth, nor mean an oven the size of a Ford Edge. Minimise your cash outlay by renting a commercial oven like a combi oven or if space is tight, a small countertop oven could be yours from as little as $5 a day. If that’s a little out of reach for now, or you’re after a premium brand with all the bells and whistles, why not check out Silver Chef’s range of quality, Certified Used equipment? You could save even more and still add new menu items that will generate you profit. After all, it’s the use of the equipment not the ownership that generates profit!

By adding new baked menu lines not only will you increase your business profit but your customers will love the freshness of ‘made in house’ baked goods. And with less food miles, it’s good for the environment AND the taste buds!