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Silver Chef Certified Used equipment offers the highest quality pre-owned restaurant equipment at an affordable price. Our wide range is less than 18 months old and has undergone a six stage reconditioning process to ensure the highest quality!

Silver Chef’s range of restaurant equipment comes from kitchens like yours, who have successfully utilized their flexible options to upgrade or return equipment through our Rent-Try-Buy solution. You too can access flexibility by saving your capital and renting from our range of Certified Used restaurant equipment.

Explore our range to find out how affordable quality commercial equipment can be!

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How equipment becomes Silver Chef Certified Used

Case Study: Eh Restaurant

Servicing the masses of university students from Canadian college and passers-by in the heart of downtown Vancouver is Eh Restaurant.

Eh is a casual lunch-centric spot for Canadian food plus grab-&-go items, beer & cocktails. Ashley Page, manager and operator shoulders the challenge of catering to a diverse and ever evolving crowd of international students. People who rely on Eh for their quick fix for breakfast and lunch, in addition to their end of day retirement beverages. All of which keeps Paige’s work schedule full to say the least.

When asked about his biggest challenges he responded by informing that, “Coming up with a plan where we can try new things to keep up, be competitive and push forward. Additionally, being able to cater to a student body which is now so large that we can’t always fit everyone. We need to be able to offer grab and go style food to accommodate.”

Already out of pocket due to servicing expenses on their broken down display fridge Eh needed new equipment so that they could capitalise on the impulsive grab-and-go shoppers. “For us it was all about the price point and having something that worked.” Silver Chef Certified Used ticked both of those boxes.

“The Silver Chef Certified Used display fridge appealed because it was almost like new.” As an essential piece to their revenue stream, quality and peace of mind was not something that they would compromise.

As a university foodservice institution outlaying $1,000’s on new equipment was also not a possibility. “Silver Chef Certified Used enabled us to stick to our price point.”

“Better still, Rent-Try-Buy gives options. It’s comfortable to know that if our equipment doesn’t work out then we’re not stuck with it. Also, that if it works well then we can easily upgrade it.”

With Rent-Try-Buy, you can start somewhere with a vision, change direction where needed and have the capability to evolve with the changing demands.

We’re thrilled to see their equipment working hard and keeping cash moving through their register.

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