With Silver Chef, you can! You can purchase anytime you like. In the first 12 months we will deduct 60% off the rent you’ve paid.

As we offer a generous rental rebate where the purchase price simply gets lower and lower, call Silver Chef at 1-866-311-3805 and our friendly team will provide you with your payout figure! From here, once we have received payment, you will receive a letter advising that the ownership of the asset has been transferred to you and the equipment is yours.

Each new piece of equipment comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, which is passed on to you from your dealer. Once the warranty has expired, similar to any other finance package, you are responsible for maintenance and repair costs.

Our rental agreement term is 12 months, but you have the option to purchase the equipment at any time and 60% of the rent you have paid, comes off the purchase price.

The rental agreement begins on the day of your equipment delivery.  Your first payment will then be automatically deducted from your bank account within seven days.