Five reasons why you should consider a franchise coffee chain


1. Power in numbers

Starting out as a small business can be especially daunting if it's your first time in the industry. However, by aligning with a franchise you are able to join a ready-made organisation with its own set of rules, products, and an existing customer base.

The large number of businesses under a single franchise brand also makes you less susceptible to market fluctuations. Whilst rising produce costs would require drastic downsizing for a small business, many of these changes can be absorbed by the franchise brand.

2. Coffee is Canada's favourite past time

We probably don't need to tell you that coffee is a booming industry here in Canada. In fact, Canadians drink more coffee than tap water*. The average person's interest in what they're drinking, where it came from, and what it tastes like has grown exponentially in recent years. Pop-up coffee shops and boutique cafes have also turned a fairly low-key product into a hero industry that we love to love.

3. You're new here, they're not

Whilst it might be your first time to the rodeo, franchise brand coffee shops have existed in the industry for a long time. With a large team of marketing experts, industry analysts, and product researchers, they've made it their business to be the expert in modern coffee.

Trust that it is in their best interest to use their experience and expertise to develop a brand, business plan, and products that will succeed in the market.

4. Ready-made education

Speaking of experience, working under a franchise is an amazing education into the world of coffee. You will have a crash course into the various types of coffees, brews, product information, staff training, management skills, and coffee industry trends.

And not just once off, either: your education under a large brand will be an ongoing process that will see you constantly improving and updating your skill set as both a barista and a business owner.

5. Customer's choice

At the end of the day, most business decisions come down to the numbers - and franchise businesses simply perform better than independent coffee shops. Franchise Business predicts "...a shake-up of major coffee chains over the next five-year period. Coffee chains are also anticipated to continue building economies of scale in high-density locations."

Latest data from IbisWorld shows Canada's four largest coffee chains secured a staggering 86.9% of the market share. Tim Hortons and Starbucks maintain the biggest shares, with McDonald's hot on their heels.

So, if you're desperate to try your hand at owning and operating your own coffee shop, then consider joining a franchised coffee chain. You will have all the benefits of running your own small business, with a team of people behind you to offer support and education.

Well, don't just think about it... brew something about it!