Six signs you need to replace your kitchen equipment


Here are some factors to consider before switching in the new for the old:

1. Safety

Safety is the top priority in any situation when it comes to replacing equipment. You want to minimise the possibility of any accidents such as fires due to an improperly working gas flue or leaky oil tubes. Bare wires or missing switches can shock or burn you or your employees. The first scenario results in possibly shutting down business for a couple of weeks and the second results in a shortage of staff.

2. Repair Costs

Track the number of repairs and how much each repair costs. The general rule of thumb: if the repair costs about half of what you paid for the item brand new, it is about time to get a replacement. Sometimes the cost of repair also depends on the availability of parts, especially for older equipment.

3. Big Menu Changes

You decided to switch over from your winter menu to the summer one or vice versa, but this year, you want to toast the bread in a high-speed oven for one minute instead of using a press that takes five minutes. When you sit down to revamp the menu, you also have to consider what are the best appliances for an efficient workspace in the kitchen or at the bar.

4. Volume Changes

Business growth is something for you to celebrate. It can also require an equipment change, either by addition or replacement. A rise in sales could introduce the need for two ovens instead of one. When you look at new options, consider what kind of equipment you will need for the next five years and what it can handle.

5. Combining Functions

The tech industry grows every year with ideas and innovations. Keep an eye out for equipment that could save you kitchen space by doing two jobs in one such as a combination oven that can be both a food steamer and a convection oven. This could also save you money by powering one appliance instead of two.

6. New Regulations and Standards

Every level of government (federal, provincial and municipal) always come out with new regulations and standards for certain types of equipment which can impact the equipment you have. Ask a service representative when you are unsure if your equipment qualifies and get multiple opinions.

Refrigeration and cold storage is a big one, especially with more research into food safety and health. The regulations for those items have changed many times in the past and are expected to change again in the future.

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