The race is on!

Between March 1 and May 31, SilverChef is offering you a chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to the Calgary Stampede, valued at $4,000.

To win, you must be among the first 12 people to originate 10 or more settled SilverChef finance contracts with a total value of $120,000 or more. Or, you can win one of 2 wild card seats that will be selected at the end of the campaign.

You’ll then be ‘Stampede Guaranteed’!

We're now giving you more chances to win! From April 22 to May 31, in addition to settled contracts, Purchase Orders submitted to SilverChef will also count toward earning you a place on the trip.

Prize details

Two-day, VIP pass

Each winner’s two-day pass will entitle them to “a truly VIP experience among the masses”, including:

• premium seating in Scotiabank Saddledome for the Miranda Lambert concert (Friday 12 July)

• exclusive access to a private Infield Suite with a covered outdoor seat deck overlooking the action of the Calgary Stampede Rodeo (Saturday 13 July)

• an in-suite beverage service and premium food selection personally prepared and served by a suite attendant

• live event feed displayed on TV screens in-suite and on the seat deck

• executive-level washrooms and amenities

• access to all parts of the sprawling Stampede Park.

How to wrangle a spot

To win a trip to the Calgary Stampede, you must be among the first 12 dealer sales representatives or owner–operators to originate a minimum of:

10 x combined purchase orders & settled contracts

$120,000 combined value of purchase orders & settled contracts

Or be one of 2 wild card winners that SilverChef selects at the end of the campaign.

Frequently asked questions

How can I find out how I’m tracking in the Race to the Stampede?

To find out how well you’re doing at mustering the required number and value of settled contracts, please reach out to your SilverChef Dealer Relationship Manager.

How will I know if I’ve qualified?

If you're among the first 12 dealer sales representatives or owner-operators to originate a minimum of 10 settled SilverChef finance contracts valued at $120,000 or more, or you're one of our wild card winners, we'll contact you to break the good news.

When is the latest a contract can settle?

For a contract to count towards your ‘Race to the Stampede’ tally, it must be settled no later than May 31.

When is the latest a purchase order can be submitted?

For a purchase order to count towards your 'Race to the Stampede' tally, it must be submitted no later than May 31.

Who’s hosting the trip to the Calgary Stampede?

SilverChef will have the privilege of hosting the competition winners.

Our posse will include some of our senior executives and sales team members.

We’ll show the winners some good ol’ fashioned hospitality, Calgary style!

What’s the itinerary?

Here’s basically what’s in store for the competition winners:

Friday 12 July: Arrive in Calgary, have dinner, and attend the Miranda Lambert concert.

Saturday 13 July: Spend full day as a VIP guest at the Stampede, including the Calgary Stampede Rodeo.

Sunday 14 July: Have breakfast and fly home.

If I win, can I claim my prize in cash instead?

No — the trips to the Calgary Stampede cannot be exchanged for cash.

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