inKind Loyalty Through Hospitality

How do you keep people coming back to your venue time and time again? As we know, quality, consistency and great service are all key ingredients in a loyal customer base. But what if you could give your customers a VIP experience every time, while increasing your bill average?

We've partnered with American company inKind to bring you access to technology to help you make the most of your business...  Interested? 

What is inKind?

inKind is a loyalty program designed to harness the power of your regular customer base, by enabling you to learn more about them every time. Using beacon technology, your managers get a notification when a regular customer walks through the door, giving you all the information needed to personalise their experience.

Your regulars can buy 'House Accounts' (pre-funded sales) to get bonus dining credit. These customers have been shown to spend three times as much, on average, per visit - adding to your bottom line.