The Nosherie

Vic Yehia has always felt at home in the kitchen. From an early age the simple smell of his mother’s cooking made him realise that there was no place he’d rather be than in the restaurant business. 

After two successful cafes, a restaurant and a food kiosk, Vic decided that he would direct his next venture back to his roots, opening The Nosherie in April. “Everything we do is in many ways just basic,” says Vic, whose goals are to build real relationships with his customers and serve his quality, home cooked meals in a comfortable and authentic setting.

“Silver Chef were so supportive. The process was quick and simple and being able to purchase and upgrade was an added bonus.”

Vic’s greatest challenge however lay before the doors could even open. “I needed financial support and was struggling to find a company who would back my idea and give me a fair go,” Vic said. Like many hard working business owners, leasing companies simply weren’t willing to fund the equipment he needed. Vic considers himself fortunate that his coffee dealer introduced him to Silver Chef, a dedicated hospitality funder that not only gave him the fair go he deserved, but offered a variety of flexible benefits such as the option to simply upgrade or to purchase equipment outright with a rebate. Benefits that he never thought possible.

Now with the equipment funded and the doors open for business, Vic is able to continue his 25 year family legacy with his newest venture, serving customers great meals with a warm smile.

Vic Yehia
The Nosherie

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