Pizza Hut

"We opened our Pizza Hut store one year ago from scratch, which was a massive task," says Melissa Kalbitz, Pizza Hut franchise owner. "We'd thought about opening our own business for quite a few years but never acted upon it. Although, I had worked in a coffee shop, most of my experience was an administrator in a school, and my husband is a mechanical fitter, so he didn’t have any hospitality experience. We looked at established businesses for sale in other cities, but in the end we decided to open a Pizza Hut franchise in our home town."

“We thought we were really prepared when we started. We had been saving for a long time and had what we thought was enough money behind us, plus a bank loan, to get by. However, when we found the right location it ended up costing us a bit more to get that spot so we needed some additional help."

"Using Silver Chef makes day to day life easier in the business. It's one thing I know I don't have to worry about so I can focus on the important things."

"When it came time to buy our equipment, our Pizza Hut Franchise Development Manager introduced us to Silver Chef. At the time we didn’t know anything about renting kitchen equipment—I didn’t even know it was possible! After looking into it we worked out that we would be financially better off renting rather than purchasing up front. So we decided to rent our three-deck pizza oven, dough roller and the dough machine."

“It seemed like a really good idea. It was easy to do and we didn’t have to worry about anything, it was all organized for us. We didn’t have to run around and do all the work, which really helped as we were so busy setting everything else up."

Melissa Kalbitz
Pizza Hut

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