Ritual Vancouver

A successful start-up restaurant and coffee shop alone wasn’t enough for Nevada Cope, owner and founder of Ritual, Vancouver. Her success had to mean more than fame and profit. Nevada has set out to disrupt the market and set new employment standards. ‘I wanted to create an environment which was fair for all the people who work here from dishwashers and bar staff to chefs and managers,’ Nevada says.

Nevada was inspired during her travels to Tennessee where she experienced food and drink outings in bars and restaurants which would wow the most open minded diner.

Combining her 10+ years of catering and foodservice experience with her newfound inspiration she brought Ritual to Vancouver.

When asked what Silver Chef enabled her to do she responded, ‘this would not have been possible without Silver Chef.'

When I received the equipment quote I didn’t know how I was going to pay it so my equipment dealer referred me to Silver Chef. Equipment is such a huge cost and its just me running and funding the business. I’m a sole business owner and I wanted to keep it that way and not dilute my ownership.’

‘It’s (Rent-Try-Buy) very flexible and easy to understand. There were no surprises and the application process was fast. It just made sense. Silver Chef saved me!'

‘I want Ritual to grow as a restaurant iconic for providing a modern, playful and ever-evolving dining experience but also as one with purpose that sets a new bar for employment standards’. As a purpose driven business, we back you all the way Nevada!

Nevada Cope
Ritual Vancouver

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