Soft Peaks Vancouver

Dan and Ken Kim opened the doors of Soft Peaks with the ambition of bringing their love of great soft serve ice cream to Vancouver. Being foodies at heart, Dan and Ken passionately pursued culinary experiences around the world. Experiences which lead to the realization that Vancouver lacked one treat to which they held dear, great soft serve ice cream!

This realization quickly grew to an obsession. Many long days and nights were spent researching processes and hunting for the perfect combination of organic ingredients for their ultimate product which would go on to set new standards for Vancouver ice cream lovers.

We spoke with Dan and Ken about their obsession and product.

What sort of challenges did you face in bringing this inspiration to reality?

Dan: We spent endless time testing and refining recipes that our local market would enjoy, we got there in the end.

Ken: Our biggest challenge however was to find the perfect equipment we needed, which also fit our budget.

How about your soft opening, I heard it offered a few surprises?

Dan: We were shocked by the huge crowds in our store. We felt we were truly blessed for the warm welcome by our customers. It was a real surprise, a challenge, but a good one! We started with only one machine during our soft opening week, but it was not enough to accommodate large volumes of orders. Luckily we were recommended Silver Chef and we had a second machine within a week.

How has renting with Silver Chef allowed your business to grow?

Dan: Using Silver Chef allowed us to get an additional machine so that we could keep up with large volumes of orders in fast pace.

What did you like best about using Silver Chef?

Ken: It was a simple and quick process. We were approved within a day, we could understand the paperwork easily and most importantly it really helped our cash flow.

What does the future have in store for Soft Peaks?

Dan & Ken: We’re always looking to add more and different products to keep our customers happy. Recently, we have added our newest creation to our menu: ice milk bars. These frozen treats are made fresh in house each morning with our signature organic milk soft serve recipe in various different flavours, such as Blueberry, Strawberry, Matcha and Red Beans, Chocolate, and Mango. Growing will also include collaborating with other local businesses and engaging our community in sharing what we have to offer.

Thanks Dan and Ken, we wish you luck with your growth. Silver Chef is right behind you!

'Our biggest challenge was to find the perfect equipment we needed, which also fit our budget'

Ken & Dan Kim
Soft Peaks

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