Tour De Feast

Access to Silver Chef’s rental option meant the flexibility to upgrade equipment easily, without fuss!

Dhruv Jhanjee (DJ), saw his business as more than just a restaurant. His ambition was not only to deliver the highest quality food but also provide an unrivalled customer experience for his diners.

With this goal at heart, he knew that the perfect equipment was going to be the most integral part of pursuing his ambitions. “Your machinery has to work for you. Your kitchen needs to be set up exactly the way you need it,” says DJ.

"Everything with Silver Chef was so simple, I wasn't organised but fortunately they were! The team was so helpful and all the paperwork was sorted after one friendly phone call.”

DJ knew of the challenges that he would be up against, including finding enough finance to really make his kitchen work for him. DJ admits that he ended up needing more money that he originally thought. “There’s always something when you buy a business you didn't know was going to be a problem.” Although a quality establishment, from the ventilation to the wiring, like most restaurant owners DJ discovered a few unexpected hurdles along the way that burned away some of his set-up capital.

Fortunately DJ made the decision to finance his equipment using Silver Chef. He avoided having to spend more of his money up front which freed up capital to be used in other important areas and protect him from unexpected issues. Now one step at a time he’s tweaking the kitchen to be the perfect fit for the needs of his café. Of his future plans for equipment, DJ says, “I know who to call. Silver Chef has been great and I’ll always use them in the future.”

Tour De Feast, Vancouver

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