Urban Juice Press

As Ottawa’s first and only stand-alone cold-pressed juice company, URBAN JUICE PRESS seeks to improve the health and lives of people through cold-pressed juices.

Justin Gauthier, President and Founder of URBAN JUICE PRESS says he hadn’t heard of Silver Chef but was glad he came across the equipment financier. With the help of Silver Chef’s equipment financing, URBAN JUICE PRESS could get the equipment they required to open their first retail location.

“One of the biggest reasons businesses fail is cash flow management and Silver Chef helped us succeed. Silver Chef helped us get the stuff we need for operations and so we didn’t have to pay it all up front, which is great!”

URBAN JUICE PRESS prides themselves on their unique and nutrient packed products. Using only organic ingredients, their cold-pressed juices are loaded with superfoods that will leave you feeling both happier and healthier!

Now proving their model’s success with a line of happy customers, Justin said of his business plans, "we want to expand, that’s why we need Silver Chef!"

Justin also shared a word of advice for overcoming challenges that entrepreneurs commonly face, "It’s easy to get caught up in the romantic side of owning a food business. It’s important to always be a good CFO and be on top of the numbers." We couldn’t agree more Justin!

Justin Gauthier
Urban Juice Press

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