Rent v Leasing Equipment

Posted on 30 march 2016

We’re sure you’ve heard of leasing hospitality equipment but did you know about the benefits of renting equipment, and how the two differ?

By renting your restaurant equipment you can minimise your initial cash outlay and still generate business profit. We are experts in hospitality and we believe in your future earning potential, not just your current financial status. We very rarely ask for director’s guarantees, and unlike financing the paperwork is minimal. Our application form really is one page!

Rent-Try-Buy is different to other funding options because we give you flexible options throughout your journey. For instance, did you know you can purchase the equipment anytime? Better still, instead of hitting you up with fees and penalties to buy out like a lease, we actually reward you with a 60% discount off the rent you’ve paid.

But what if that cash is better invested elsewhere like local marketing, or profits aren’t rolling in quite as soon as you projected? With rental funding you can hang onto the equipment a little longer and simply keep on renting!  With our Rent-Try-Buy funding you can rent for as long as you like. You may even be eligible for a rent reduction through our Easy Own program after one year where the equipment becomes yours after a few further payments.

Sounds good right? So what’s the interest rate? We’re glad you asked, it’s one of the questions we often get asked as our rental funding is truly unique to Canada, and the hospitality industry. Put simply, there is no interest rate, you just pay a small weekly rate and the equipment is yours to generate profit.

There are a lot of benefits to renting your restaurant equipment and unlike leasing, Rent-Try-Buy is designed for the ever evolving industry that is hospitality. It’s flexible and it’s geared to help you succeed.