Should You Buy New or Used Second Hand Restaurant Equipment?

Posted on 25 may 2017

For savvy restaurateurs, purchasing reliable kitchen equipment ranks high on the to-do list when opening or maintaining a financially sound business. If you’re looking for affordable kitchen solutions and wonder if second hand restaurant equipment is viable, check out the pros and cons below to help you decided.

Perks of Buying New 

Restaurant equipment bears heavily on the start-up costs of a business. Costs for equipment such as coolers, ranges, ovens, grills and more can easily amount to thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars very quickly. Below are some reasons why purchasing new equipment is so appealing to restaurateurs:

Aesthetically, shiny new equipment is attractive and draws buyers in. There is something to be said for anything brand new being pleasing to the eye.

Maintenance mayhem may not strike as often. When a machine is brand new, the machine has not been put under the stress of continual use. When things are run less often they could be less prone to break down, depending on quality of equipment.

Replacement parts can be difficult to find for older machinery. This poses a problem for used equipment, as searching for the right part can become time-consuming and use of time is a commodity in any business.

Customization is popular in the current market. For small or large business owners, special order equipment may be a necessary cost that puts a dent in your bottom line. 


Why Second Hand Restaurant Equipment?

Refurbish to reap profit. The growing theme that's trending for new and seasoned business owners alike emphasizes the cost benefits of re-purposing commercial equipment. To get out of the red and into the black in terms of profit, second hand restaurant equipment proves valuable to those who want to hold onto their cash and still function effectively in the restaurateur industry. Here are some ways second hand restaurant equipment attracts business owners:

In terms of affordability, second hand restaurant equipment checks a lot of boxes. Instead of spending exorbitant amounts of money on new equipment, purchases that can depreciate the moment it's purchased, restaurant owners can now put money into things like marketing strategies, food costs and paying employees.

Used machinery doesn't automatically mean wear and tear. The restaurant business is very fluid, while opening a restaurant can be a monthly or even weekly occurrence across the country, the chances that a restaurant will survive is difficult to determine. While this is a sad fact, this does help guarantee the machinery you use hasn't been used very often. 

Used doesn't necessarily equate to old machinery. There are numerous second hand restaurant equipment options that may be current in make or model. For some, buying used means buying quality. Instead of purchasing new equipment that may be low quality due to affordable pricing, you can buy used equipment that will endure for years to come.

Who you buy used from is important. Some sellers welcome haggling, or give incentives like adding an extra piece of equipment for free. 

Warranties are important. You may assume that purchasing second hand restaurant equipment negates the hope that a warranty will be attached. Never assume! Some commercial kitchen companies selling used equipment include warranty options.


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