Incorporating new brew methods can boost your business


There’s more than one way to get coffee from bean to beverage and adding one or two of them to your coffee offering could make a lot of business sense.


Because coffee is no longer just about a caffeine fix. It’s become a ritual, a sensory experience focused on quality and craftsmanship. The modern coffee drinker is evolving, constantly seeking a richer coffee experience.

Unlike espresso, where the mechanics are hidden behind a machine, alternative brewing offers a visual experience. But if you don’t know one end of a V60 dripper to the other, read on for a break down of all the essential alternative coffee brewing methods.

French Press

Classic, portable, compact and easy, the French Press is a simple plunger style.​


Easy and efficient, all you need with the AeroPress is a good quality roast and a bit of downward pressure.​


Batch Brew is equipment that allows you to prepare large batches of filter coffee to a set recipe. Variables such as flow rate and water distribution can be controlled offering a repeatability in process that can’t be matched with manual brewing.

Cold drip

A slow brew method where coffee is slowly saturated with filtered water to produce a non-acidic, cold coffee.

V60 dripper

A cone shaped ceramic or metal device that allows a controlled pour method straight into a cup.


Requiring a filter and a pour over method, the Chemex is more art than brewer. It brews coffee using the infusion method.


One of the most elaborate brewers currently available, the Syphon requires close attention, and a quick and careful technique. If you’re new to alternative methods, you might want to save this one for when you’ve had a bit more practice.


This method allows baristas to showcase their skills and passion. Using water and steam, coffee is brewed to unique parameters. Again, if this is your first foray into alternate brewing, leave this one until last.