Used restaurant equipment

Cut the cost of the commercial kitchen equipment you need without sacrificing quality

COMMERCIAL kitchen equipment can be a significant expense, especially if you want a top-notch appliance or need multiple appliances to outfit an entire kitchen.

Our extensive collection of used restaurant equipment — one of Canada’s largest — enables you to stretch your budget further and get leading brands for heavily discounted prices.

This ‘Certified Used’ equipment is typically less than two-and-a-half years old, has been cleaned and serviced, and is backed by a 90-day parts-and-labour warranty.

Why choose us 


Big selection

Our online marketplace boasts one of Canada’s largest selections of used commercial kitchen equipment (‘Certified Used’).

In addition, we have partnerships with hundreds of equipment dealers nationwide, through whom we can help you source brand-new equipment.


Reduced prices

The prices of our pre-owned equipment are significantly lower than those of similar, new appliances.

Our used equipment includes many of the world’s leading brands, which you can finance through us or buy, helping you maximize your budget.


Payment options

You can purchase Certified Used equipment or get it financed by us (Rent–Try–Buy).

Our equipment finance protects your cash flow by allowing you to pay for the equipment in manageable instalments with the money it helps you make.

Read more about Rent–Try–Buy


Peace of mind

You can rest assured knowing our Certified Used equipment is usually less than 2.5 years old – well within the 5- to 10-year lifespan of most commercial kitchen equipment.

Also, since it comes from a reliable source and has a 90-day warranty, it’s a safer alternative to buying used equipment from a private seller or at an auction.


Speedy shipment

All of our used equipment is on hand and ready to ship, so you can skip the long lead times that new equipment is often subject to.

The equipment can usually be delivered to your business within 2–12 business days from one of our many equipment-service-partner
locations across Canada.


Environmentally friendly

By opting for pre-owned hospitality equipment that might otherwise end up in landfill, you’re extending the life of a durable asset and reducing your business’s ecological footprint. The planet will thank you!

Cleaning and servicing process

Our Certified Used equipment undergoes a meticulous three-stage restoration process carried out by our equipment-service partners in Canada:



The equipment is inspected and thoroughly cleaned.



The equipment is tested to ensure everything is running properly



The equipment is serviced by qualified technicians, who replace any worn or faulty components.



The equipment is inspected and thoroughly cleaned.



The equipment is tested to ensure everything is running properly



The equipment is serviced by qualified technicians, who replace any worn or faulty components.

Who used restaurant equipment is for

Our used commercial kitchen equipment is for foodservice business owners and operators:


SEEKING A premium make and model of equipment for a cheaper price and that’s still in good working


AIMING TO stay within budget while they shop for the equipment on their inventory list.


NOT ABLE TO get the new equipment they want straight away (e.g. due to supply-chain problems) and who are willing to Rent–Try–Buy used restaurant equipment before upgrading to the new equipment when it arrives.


AWAITING THE release of the latest model and who are prepared to Rent–Try–Buy used restaurant equipment before upgrading to the new model when their backorder shows up.


Making the right choice of restaurant equipment can be tricky. And what if your business rapidly outgrows the equipment, or switches direction and requires different equipment?

Rent–Try–Buy takes care of this problem by letting you test the commercial kitchen equipment before deciding whether to buy it. The manageable weekly rental payments also help your business maintain a healthy cash flow.

May suit you if you’re…

  • A new or established business
  • In need of $1,000 or more of equipment funding
  • Looking to try the equipment before deciding whether to buy it, including items you’re not sure about or think you might quickly outgrow.

Key features

  • Flexible, 12-month rental agreement
  • New and 'Certified Used' equipment
  • Manageable, weekly rental payments
  • Upgrade or buy the equipment at any time
  • If you buy, get back 60% of your net rental payments — to put towards the purchase price
  • Continue renting or return equipment after 12 months
  • Rental payments are 100% tax deductible.*

Used equipment made by the best brands 

Find used restaurant equipment near me

The used commercial kitchen equipment on our website has been cleaned and serviced by, and is physically located at, one of our equipment-service partners in Canada.

See the equipment stocked by the equipment-service partners in your city.

If you're nearby, either we can arrange for the equipment to be delivered to you; or you can make an appointment to collect it.

If you're not nearby, we can arrange for it to be delivered to you wherever you are in Canada.

Frequently asked questions 

Where does SilverChef get its used restaurant equipment from?

We obtain our 'Certified Used' commercial kitchen equipment from reliable sources, primarily customers we have established relationships with.

These customers are typically businesses who have either upgraded their rented equipment or returned it to us due to changes in their situation.

(Our Rent–Try–Buy finance solution gives customers the flexibility to upgrade their rental equipment whenever they desire or return it without any penalties after 12 months.)

Can I lease used restaurant equipment through SilverChef?

No — while you can lease new commercial kitchen equipment through SilverChef (Lease-to-Keep), you cannot lease used restaurant through us.

Instead, you can Rent–Try–Buy used restaurant equipment, which allows you to try the equipment for manageable, weekly rental payments before deciding whether to buy it.

(You can also Rent–Try–Buy new equipment.)

Can I buy some used commercial kitchen equipment and finance the rest?

Yes — if you decide to get multiple pieces of used restaurant equipment, you’re welcome to buy some items and finance the remainder.

What happens if the ‘Certified Used’ equipment malfunctions?

If your ‘Certified Used’ equipment breaks down within its 90-day warranty period, call us at 1–844–283–7844; we’ll help you arrange a free repair or replacement. 

Once the warranty period expires, customers are responsible for any ongoing repair expenses.

Does SilverChef buy used restaurant equipment?

Under normal circumstances, we do not buy used restaurant equipment. 

However, if your business is experiencing a cash-flow crunch and you need an injection of cash to ease the pressure, we’re open to buying any equipment you’ve recently bought.

We’ll pay you a chunk of cash for the equipment — which you can pour into your business — and then rent the equipment back to you for cash flow-friendly weekly amounts under a 12-month Rent–Try–Buy agreement.

Do you sell or finance new restaurant equipment?

As well as used restaurant equipment, we finance new commercial kitchen equipment stocked by hundreds of accredited equipment dealers across Canada.

You can either lease the new restaurant equipment or Rent–Try–Buy it.

To find out which dealers are nearest to you, please call us on 1–844–283–7844.

While we sell used restaurant equipment, we do not sell new equipment — we only finance it.

Got more questions? See all our FAQs