Bauer Meats

As a small family company, Bauer Meats is proud to sell locally produced Alberta products. Arists, Annette and Michael Bauer, believe in products that are homegrown and local, serving consumers from farm to table.

Annette Bauer said that her experience with Silver Chef was unique because "there are not a lot of qualifying factors. It’s nice that you can help a small business out without wanting the world! It made it a lot quicker and easier." What surprised her most was how easy it was for them to get funded.

“The application process wasn’t complicated. There hasn’t been any hidden fees, everything was disclosed to us. We started and had equipment within 10 days. Everything was quick and timely.”

For the Bauers, the biggest benefit of using Silver Chef to finance their equipment was being able to trade up. "As we grow our equipment can grow and we don’t need to start over again. A lot less of a hassle," she said.

Now, with their equipment sorted, Bauer was quick to share that she’s spread the word about Silver Chef in their community, "We’ve already recommended Silver Chef and we would recommend them to anybody!"

Annette Bauer
Bauer Meats

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