Helping people achieve their dreams

SilverChef has a clear purpose: To help people achieve their dreams. We help hospitality entrepreneurs start or grow their business. For our people, we provide one of the world’s best workplaces. And we’ve proudly worked with Opportunity International to lift 1.5 million people out of poverty.

1.5m people out of poverty

In partnership with Opportunity International, we’re helping people in poverty to achieve their business dreams too. Through a simple microloan — often as little as $70 — Opportunity International helps people in developing countries to start or expand their business.

The loan can be used to fund business purchases — from seeds for a farm, to a sewing machine for a clothing shop. Microloans help people build a future for themselves, their families, and their communities.

SilverChef is pleased to have helped lift 1.5 million people out of poverty.

Proud to be a B Corp

B Corporations (or B Corps) are a new kind of business that balance purpose and profit. B Corps make decisions to create a positive impact for their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.

SilverChef has been a B Corp since 2015, and has proudly been recognised as one of the Best in the World in 2019 for workers, and 2022 for governance. To maintain our certification, we periodically pass a rigorous assessment process that evaluates us on a wide range of social, environmental, and other measures.

As a B Corp, we believe in using business as a force for good to reduce inequality and poverty and create a healthier environment, stronger communities, and high-quality jobs that provide dignity and purpose.

Our impact

As a B Corp, we're committed to meeting the highest standards of not only social and environmental performance, but also accountability and transparency. 

As well as sharing the B Impact Report publicly, we produce our own annual report that summarises the impact our business practices had over the previous financial year.

Find out how we impacted our customers, our people, our community, and our planet in 2020–21.

Download the SilverChef Impact Report 2020–21