CUSTOMERS can return equipment to us for a number of reasons, specifically:

Change of circumstances / End of term

If you’re renting equipment from us and your situation has changed or the equipment no longer meets your requirements, or you simply want to discontinue renting the equipment, you may be able to return it to us.

If you have a contract on Rent–Try–Buy or Loyalty, you are able to return the equipment after the 12-month agreement expires ^. If you are on an Easy Own or Lease-to-Keep contract, you cannot return the equipment.

^ If you don’t make use of any of your end-of-term options, you can continue renting
month-to-month for as long as you wish. You’ll retain the ability to return the equipment whenever you want to.

Equipment upgrade/swap

Customers renting equipment under a 12-month Rent–Try–Buy or Loyalty agreement can upgrade or swap their equipment anytime.

You can upgrade it to the same or swap it for a different type of equipment — as long as it’s standard hospitality equipment with a value equal to or higher than the original equipment.

If you choose this option, we can help arrange for the original equipment to be transported back to us at your expense.

You’ll also be responsible for the cost for us to clean and service the equipment so it can be remarketed.

We’ll then ask you to sign a fresh 12-month rental agreement covering the upgraded equipment, which will then be delivered to you.

Wrong or damaged-in-transit equipment

If the Certified Used equipment we deliver to a customer does not match the publicized specifications or is damaged in transit, the customer must tell us in writing within seven business days of the delivery date.

We’ll then organize and pay for the wrong or damaged equipment to be returned to us.

If the customer fails to notify SilverChef within seven days, we’ll conclude the correct equipment has been accepted by the customer in sound condition.

Read more about equipment delivery.

Change of mind / Cancellation (at our discretion)

If a customer wants to return equipment because they’ve changed their mind, they can ask us to cancel the equipment order and potentially be released from their contract.

The approval of such returns is at the sole discretion of SilverChef and could be subject to a 15% re-stocking fee.

Warranty claim / Faulty equipment

If your Certified Used equipment develops a covered fault (as established by SilverChef) within the 90-day warranty period, we’ll organize a free repair.

If the equipment cannot be repaired, or repaired within a reasonable timeframe, you can choose another item to replace it.

If we end up replacing the equipment or refunding you (in the event a suitable replacement is not available), we’ll arrange for the faulty equipment to be returned to us at our expense.

Read more about equipment warranties

Who organizes and pays for returns?

The party responsible for arranging and paying for the return of the equipment depends on why it’s being returned to us (see table below).

Please note that, if SilverChef is responsible for arranging the return of an item, the customer is required to package the equipment and move it to the curb for our third-party carrier to pick up.  

Reason for return of equipment

Party responsible for organizing and paying for return of equipment

Change of circumstances / End of term †


Equipment upgrade/swap†,§


Wrong or damaged-in-transit equipment #


Change of mind / Cancellation


Warranty claim / Faulty equipment #


† Rent–Try–Buy and Loyalty customers only.

§ If necessary, SilverChef can help arrange for the equipment to be returned to us at the customer’s expense.

# Certified Used equipment only.

Equipment returns process

1. You notify us

You email SilverChef or call us at 1–844–283–7844 to tell us you want to return the equipment. If you’re returning the equipment because of a change of circumstances/end of term, you must give us four weeks’ notice.

2. We send letter

We send you a ‘return letter’ that outlines the steps you need to take to return the equipment to us. The four-week notice period — if applicable — will start on the day we get your response to our letter.

3. Delivery arranged

You organize for the equipment to be transported to a designated partner warehouse. If necessary, we can help you organize the transportation.

4. We send return statement

After we’ve received the equipment, we send you a ‘return statement’ showing the balance of the returned equipment — your security deposit minus cleaning and servicing and any other fees. Any credit is refunded to you.

Customer returns costs

If the customer is responsible for paying for the return of the equipment (see table above), they’ll incur two of the three following costs:




The cost is contingent on the how well the customer has packaged the equipment, its chargeable weight, and how far it has to be transported (assuming the customer doesn’t return the equipment themself, using their own vehicle).

We suggest the customer obtains multiple quotes and selects a reputable transportation company or courier to reduce the likelihood of damage during transit (otherwise, the customer may be held responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing the equipment if it’s damaged).

Equipment cleaning and servicing

These fees vary according to the type of equipment being returned and the condition it’s in when it arrives back to us.

See our equipment cleaning and servicing fees (PDF)

(If the equipment is in poor or irreparable condition or any components or accessories are missing , the customer could be billed extra.)


If we agree to release the customer from their contractual obligation because they’ve changed their mind or want to cancel their order, we may charge them a restocking fee of 15% of the equipment order value.

Customers will be responsible for the transportation of the equipment to SilverChef but won’t incur any equipment- cleaning or servicing fees.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to let you know ahead of time that I’m returning the equipment?

Whether a customer needs to let us know in advance that they want to return the equipment depends on why they’re returning the equipment to us.

If there is a change in the customer's circumstances or they are at the end of their term†, they'll need to give 4 weeks notice. We'll send the customer a 'return letter'; the notice period will begin on the day we get their response to our letter.

For an equipment upgrade†, there is no notice period.

Notice period is not applicable for wrong or damaged-in-transit equipment.

† Rent–Try–Buy and Loyalty customers only.

How does the equipment-return process work?

If you’re returning equipment to us, please email us.

Afterwards, we’ll send you a ‘return letter’ that lays out the steps you need to take to return the equipment.

These steps can include packaging the equipment and moving it to the curbside for

You’ll need to arrange for the equipment to be transported to a SilverChef partner warehouse; the address will be on the proof-of-return email we send you. (This is assuming you don’t decide to use your own transport to return the equipment.)

We suggest you get multiple quotes and select a reputable transportation company or courier to reduce the likelihood of damage during transit (otherwise, you may be held responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing the equipment if it’s damaged).

If you would like our help arranging the freight or you have any questions, please email us.

Why do you charge for cleaning and servicing returned equipment?

When equipment is returned to us, even if its exterior has been thoroughly cleaned, it still needs to be sanitized and tested, if not fully serviced.

Returned equipment usually has hard-to-reach dust, dirt, and grime on the inside and worn-out or damaged components that need to be fixed or replaced.

Because we remarket this equipment, we must pay to get it professionally cleaned inside and out, tested, and serviced.

When should I anticipate the return of my security deposit?

After you’ve returned the equipment, we’ll send you a ‘return statement’ showing an account summary of the assets returned — your security deposit minus any freight and equipment-processing (e.g. cleaning and servicing) costs that apply.

If your deposit doesn’t cover these costs, the return statement will show you the balance owed to us.

If your deposit more than covers these costs, we’ll reimburse the balance owed to you within 2–4 weeks.

What happens if I want to return the equipment early?

If you’re a Rent–Try–Buy or Loyalty customer and you return the equipment before the 12-month agreement expires because of a change of circumstances, you’ll be responsible for the return costs plus all the unpaid rental payments remaining on your contract.

Please note that you must notify us four weeks’ in advance of your desire to return the equipment early.

If you return the equipment early because you want to upgrade/swap it, you can do so at any time. You’ll only have to pay the return costs and  there will be no more rental payments owing on the returned equipment.

What can I do to minimize my equipment-return costs?

Here are some ways you can reduce the cost of returning equipment to us:

  • transportation — if organizing the transport yourself, get multiple quotes and choose a company that can deliver equipment safely
  • cleaning — clean the equipment as thoroughly as possible (we don’t expect you to disassemble the equipment in order to clean it internally)
  • servicing — follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance and servicing schedule and
    rely on trained technicians
  • accessories — return all of the loose parts, attachments and accessories that were supplied with the equipment.

More information

For more information about equipment returns, please read sections 13 and 16 of our Certified Used Equipment Sales Standard Terms & Conditions (PDF).