IF YOU decide to rent or buy ‘Certified Used’ equipment from SilverChef, the equipment will be delivered curbside by us through a third-party carrier (or if you’re nearby, you can choose to collect it).

We deliver equipment from warehouses located across Canada.

Equipment delivery process

1. You sign or purchase

You sign the Rent–Try–Buy agreement and pay the upfront costs or purchase the equipment outright.

2. We email you

We email you to confirm your delivery address and give you the delivery information, including the estimated time of arrival.

3. We deliver

Our selected third-party carrier will deliver the equipment to you curbside, whereupon your rental payments will begin (unless you’ve purchased the equipment outright).

Delivery charges

If you...

You'll be informed of the delivery charge...

Rent the equipment

In the equipment quote we email you

Purchase the equipment outright

When you enter your shipping information during the online checkout process.

Delivery times

If you... We'll deliver the equipment after you've... You should receive your equipment...
Rent the equipment

Signed the Rent–Try–Buy agreement and paid the upfront costs

Within 3–15 business days, depending on your
location. ^

Purchase the equipment outright

Paid for the equipment

If you rent the equipment

We'll deliver the equipment after you've...

Signed the Rent–Try–Buy agreement and paid the upfront costs

You should receive your equipment...

Within 3–15 business days, depending on your
location. ^

If you purchase the equipment outright

We'll deliver the equipment after you've...

Paid for the equipment

You should receive your equipment...

Within 3–15 business days, depending on your
location. ^

^ Because we use third-party transport companies, we cannot guarantee delivery times and cannot be held responsible for any unexpected delays.

Can I collect the equipment myself?

During the checkout process you can choose the option to collect the Certified Used equipment, if it’s stored in a warehouse near you; or you can contact us to request this option.

Please check the 'Asset location' in the specifications of your selected equipment to see where it's located.

If you decide to collect the equipment, we’ll contact you to provide the pickup information.

Naturally, you’ll need to have a suitable vehicle, equipment and enough hands to load, haul, and unload the equipment safely.

Equipment returns

There are several scenarios in which customers may be able to return equipment to us.

For example, if the equipment we deliver to a customer does not match the advertised specifications or is damaged in transit.

Read more about equipment returns

Frequently asked questions

Can I request a specific delivery day and time?

We’ll ask our third-party carrier to schedule a delivery appointment with you; they may or may not be able to deliver on a specific day and time.

Please note that you must accept the equipment within two business days of the carrier contacting you.

Do you deliver equipment on weekends?

Deliveries on a Saturday or Sunday can be arranged through our third-party carriers for an additional fee.

To find out whether the equipment can be delivered to you on a particular weekend, please email us (during business hours).

Will the equipment be delivered to the inside of my business premises?

Equipment deliveries are standard curbside drop-offs (door-to-door). If you require someone to move the delivered equipment to its final position, it’s recommended you have the right equipment and enough people to do it safely; or hire a local service provider.

Will SilverChef take away my old equipment?

If you’re renting equipment from us and you decide to upgrade to a bigger, better or different piece of Certified Used equipment, you can either drop off the original equipment at our partner warehouse or we can arrange for it to be picked up.

Pickups can occur at the same time the upgraded equipment is delivered to you (we’ll call you to confirm the delivery/pickup address and time).

Will I need to sign for the equipment upon delivery?

Yes — an adult must be available at the delivery address to sign for the equipment, thereby confirming it has been received.

Before signing, it’s recommended you visually inspect the equipment for any damage it may have sustained while in transit.

If you notice any damage due to shipping, please note the details on the proof-of-delivery form and report it to SilverChef within 24 hours of receiving the equipment.

Does SilverChef install equipment?

No — if required, customers should make arrangements, at their expense, for a qualified
professional to install their equipment.

More information

For more information about equipment delivery, please read sections 12 and 13 of our Certified Used Equipment Sales Standard Terms & Conditions (PDF).