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Frequently asked questions 

How long does it take to get finance approval?

Approval for up to $50,000 of Rent–Try–Buy finance can take less than five minutes (as long as you provide us with the necessary information and pass our identification and credit check).

If you require more than $50,000, we’ll reach out to you within one business day to request additional information; we should be able to give you a decision on your application within three business days.

Lease-to-Keep finance applications are generally assessed within two business days, provided you’ve given us all the information we require.

What is your interest rate?

Since Rent–Try–Buy is a rental agreement, an interest rate does not apply.

However, you can use our online rental calculator to determine your weekly rental payments, and how much it would cost to own the rental equipment if you decided to buy it after 12 months. 

As the calculator shows, the net cost of owning the equipment could be as low as 9.24% (after taking into account tax deductions* and the 60% net rental rebate).

The Lease-to-Keep interest rate is based on a number of factors.

To find out the rate that would apply to you, please call us on 1–866–311–3805.

How much is delivery?

If you’re financing new equipment, the dealer with whom you placed the order (either directly or through SilverChef) will communicate the delivery charge (if applicable) to you.

If you’re financing or buying ‘Certified Used’ equipment from us, the delivery charge varies, based on:  

  • your business's location
  • the equipment's location (we ship our Certified Used equipment from warehouses in Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatchewan, Toronto, and Vancouver)
  • the equipment's chargeable weight
  • any fuel surcharges and taxes that apply.

If you Rent–Try–Buy the used equipment, we’ll email you a freight quote showing the delivery charge.

If you’re purchasing the used equipment outright, the delivery charge will be calculated after you fill in your shipping details during the online checkout process.

When will my equipment be delivered?

If you Rent–Try–Buy or Lease-to-Keep your equipment through SilverChef, it will be delivered to you after you’ve signed the finance agreement and paid the upfront costs.

If you fund new equipment through us, the equipment dealer will reach out to you verify your delivery address and provide an approximate arrival time.

If you finance or purchase ‘Certified Used’ equipment, we’ll get in touch with you to verify your delivery address and give you an approximate arrival time.

You should receive this equipment within 3–15 business days, depending on your location.

(SilverChef relies on third-party transport companies, so cannot be held responsible for any unexpected delays in the delivery of equipment.)

When will I own the equipment?

If after trying your rental equipment you determine it’s perfect for your business, and you have the required funds, you can purchase (own) the equipment at any time.

If after trying the equipment you want to keep your options open or assess your equipment needs at a later date, you can continue renting it month-to-month for as long as you require; or for another 12 months under a Loyalty
agreement. You’ll still have the option to buy it at any time.

If after trying the equipment you wish to own it, but want to preserve your working capital, you can set your sights on owning the equipment over another two or three years (Easy Own agreement).  When the term ends, you pay $1 and the equipment is yours.

Lease-to-Keep is a four- or five-year  lease agreement. You make low, monthly payments and, when the agreement ends, you own the equipment.

What is SilverChef’s return policy?

If a Rent–Try–Buy or Loyalty customer’s situation has changed or the equipment no longer meets their requirements, or they simply want to discontinue renting the equipment, they can return it to us after their 12-month agreement expires.

If a Rent–Try–Buy or Loyalty customer upgrades/swaps their equipment (which they can do anytime they like), they return the original equipment to us.

If the ‘Certified Used’ or clearance equipment we deliver does not match the publicized specifications or is scratched or dented in transit, the customer must tell us in writing within seven business days of the delivery date.

If a customer changes their mind and asks us to cancel the order and we grant their request, they can return the equipment to us (they may incur a re-stocking fee of 15% of the equipment’s value).

If a customer’s Certified Used or clearance equipment develops a covered fault within the minimum 90-day warranty period and we end up replacing the equipment or refunding the customer, we’ll arrange for the faulty equipment to be returned to us at our expense.

Still have unanswered questions? See all our FAQs

* This advice is general in nature and does not consider your personal circumstances. Professional advice should be sought that is tailored to your personal situation.