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We've been a global, dedicated hospitality equipment financier for 35 years. Our industry-leading lease and rental products put you in control of your commercial kitchen equipment, saving your working capital for the things you need it for the most, like running and growing your business.

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A unique 12-month rental plan with the option to return, upgrade or purchase the equipment.

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A medium term plan that spreads the cost of your equipment and keeps payments low. Own at the end.

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Upgrade, return or purchase equipment on your terms through Rent-Try-Buy, or set-and-forget and enjoy low monthly payments with Lease-to-Keep.

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We finance commercial kitchen equipment from hundreds of different brands and maintain strong relationships with manufacturers based on 35 years' worth of collaboration. We know our equipment inside out, allowing us to find the right equipment finance solution for your business and providing you with a level of support and expertise you won't find anywhere else.

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Commercial kitchen equipment lease and rental FAQ

What is the difference between leasing and renting equipment?

Typically, the difference between leasing and renting has to do with the length of term – with the length of a lease typically being longer. SilverChef offers a rental product – Rent-Try-Buy, and a finance lease product – Lease-to-Keep. They are different in several important ways. 

With Rent-Try-Buy, you rent your commercial kitchen equipment and make weekly rental payments for a 12 month term, while retaining the option to purchase your equipment or upgrade it during the term. At the end of the 12 month rental term, you have the additional options to return, continue renting or work towards ownership with our Easy Own® product.

With Lease-to-Keep you sign up for a 48 month term, you make monthly lease payments, and at the end of the term you own the commercial kitchen equipment (providing the last payment has been made and customer is not in breach of the agreement).

What are the benefits of financing equipment instead of paying cash?

Finance is a smart way to run and grow your business. The benefits of financincing your equipment over paying by cash include:

  • No major outlay up front, enabling you to preserve working capital
  • Flexibility to try before you buy (if renting through Rent-Try-Buy)
  • Flexibility to upgrade equipment (if renting through Rent-Try-Buy)
  • Rental payments may be tax deductible and treated as off-balance sheet
  • Ability to be more agile with your equipment offering, and swap equipment more regularly to explore new revenue streams
  • Rent-to-own plans (such as Rent-Try-Buy) can be a very affordable way to try equipment, whilst working towards ownership. Were you to purchase your equipment immediately proceeding your 12 month Rent-Try-Buy plan, your net ownership cost would be just 9.24%

What are the benefits of leasing kitchen equipment?

Having the right commercial kitchen equipment is critical to your restaurant’s success and profitability. But, fitting out a restaurant is a costly business. When you lease commercial kitchen equipment you can spread the cost over time. By leasing some of your equipment, you keep your upfront setup costs more manageable.

You may also be able to claim your commercial kitchen equipment leasing costs as a tax deduction – but it’s important you talk to a professional tax advisor before making any decisions on this basis.

What are the benefits of renting equipment?

Renting kitchen equipment can be a good alternative to buying outright, for a number of reasons. Firstly, there are a lot of costs involved in setting up and running a commercial kitchen, so choosing to rent commercial kitchen equipment can leave you more money for running your business and other expenses.

Secondly, there may be tax benefits to renting restaurant equipment – it’s important you discuss these with a qualified tax advisor before making any decisions.

Finally, with SilverChef’s Rent-Try-Buy you get additional flexibility over typical rental products.

You can decide to upgrade your equipment in the first 12 months if you need something bigger and better (in the same equipment category e.g. upgrade rented fridge to a bigger fridge); you can also decide to purchase it and get a 60% net rental rebate on your payments so far (up to 12 months).

At the end of your 12 month contract, you can decide whether to keep renting your restaurant equipment, work towards ownership, or return. Please note that if you decide to purchase your kitchen equipment after the end of your 12 month term, the net rental rebate drops to 20% after 12 months.

What is equipment lease financing?

Restaurant equipment leasing is a great way to protect your cash flow while still accessing the commercial kitchen equipment you need to run and grow your business. 

Splashing all your cash on buying new commercial kitchen equipment can leave quite a hole in your bottom line. Restaurant equipment leasing solves this by spreading that up-front equipment purchase cost out over time. 

Lease-to-Keep, for example, is a restaurant financing solution that breaks that big up-front purchase cost into 48 much smaller monthly lease payments. And at the end of the 48-month term, you own the equipment. There's also the option of a 60-month term.

It’s a great restaurant financing solution that means you get the equipment you need, without the financial stress of that big up-front purchase cost.

How does equipment financing work?

There are a couple of restaurant financing solutions you can use to access the commercial kitchen equipment you need without the big up-front cost. 

Lease-to-Keep is a popular restaurant equipment financing option that’s ideal if you’re keen to own the equipment after the lease period. It’s simple — you cover a monthly lease payment for the 48-month lease term, and you own the equipment at the end of the lease agreement. 

Rent-Try-Buy is another restaurant financing solution that’s perfect if you’re not so sure about equipment ownership. You sign up to a 12-month rental agreement with low weekly rental payments. You can choose to upgrade or purchase your equipment at any time, or send it back at the end of the rental agreement.

It’s restaurant equipment financing that puts your needs first. 

How can I lease restaurant equipment?

It couldn’t be easier to lease restaurant equipment with SilverChef. Take three minutes to complete an online application and you can get approved today. Just grab your business number and driver's licence to get started.  

We’ll process your application right away, and will get in touch within one business hour to complete your restaurant equipment leasing agreement. 

Lease-to-Keep is open to businesses that have been trading for more than 12 months and are financing over $10,000 worth of equipment. 

Rent-Try-Buy is the best option for new businesses and restaurant equipment leasing applications less than $10,000.  

It’s the simplest, easiest and most cost-effective way to lease restaurant equipment. 

Where to buy commercial kitchen equipment

Our vast dealer network is made up of around 1,000 accredited commercial kitchen equipment suppliers. That means there’s a SilverChef dealer network partner near you, wherever you’re looking to buy restaurant equipment.

All commercial kitchen equipment dealers in our network can help you secure same-day SliverChef financing approval — without leaving their showroom. And if you can’t make it to your closest dealer store, you can buy restaurant equipment online through our dealer websites.

Or score a great deal on our range of Certified Used commercial kitchen equipment. All equipment in our Certified Used range has been professionally reconditioned, is often less than 18 months old, and can be financed through Lease-to-Keep and Rent-Try-Buy. Conditions apply.