Seven fundamental pieces of equipment you need in your cafe


When opening a new café, it’s essential that you have the right kitchen tools and equipment ready for your grand opening. Whether you’re starting a small drive-thru or a full sit-down café, there are certain indispensable pieces that you’ll need to provide your customers with an experience worthy of repeat business.

Here a few must-have kitchen tools and equipment for your new cafe.

More Than Just a Coffee Pot

What is a cafe without the coffee? An industrial-grade coffee machine is a great place to start, regardless of your specific setup. Must-have features include a high production capacity (some make more than 300 cups per hour) and integrated grinders so that you can make fresh beans into delicious cups at a high-speed rate.

Prepare to Prepare

One of the most underrated essentials is a high-quality prep table. Whether you’re preparing sandwiches/wraps or garnishing larger dishes, the right prep table can make all the difference between quick and clean preparation and a drawn-out mess that will leave your customers shaking their heads.

Keep it Cool and Close at Hand

A refrigerated worktop station is another great piece to keep in mind. Whether you need to get your hands on cool crème for tasty lattes, or have an easily accessible ice maker for iced coffees – having a refrigerated worktop will speed up your preparation and fulfill your orders with much less stress.

Bring the Heat

Even if you’re just toasting the occasional sandwich or bagel, a convection oven with a movable belt can give you one less thing to do while you’re working on other parts of an order. Even a smaller, simpler toaster oven might be a lifesaver if you don't have the available space for a full range setup.

Make the Cut

While keeping pre-sliced meat and cheese on hand might be a viable option, having a meat/cheese slicer could give you an edge to customer satisfaction by giving your customers a choice in thickness of their cuts.

Blenders Aren’t Just for Bars

Having the ability to make a wide variety of beverages is a huge selling point for your establishment. On a hot summer’s day, not everyone will be in the mood for hot cups of coffee. Having a dependable blender can make for quick and easy prepping of frosty beverages during humid months.

Don't be Afraid to Show Off

Many customers taste with their eyes before they order, and the right glass display case can give them the mouth-watering sample they need. Your baked goods, sandwiches, and sweets might not be what initially came in for, but you’ll find they’ll have a way of selling themselves.

Having the right kitchen tools and equipment for your cafe can mean the difference between a thriving, successful business and just another closed-down establishment up for rent. These essentials will not only make fulfilling every order just a little easier, they’ll give you the tools you need to succeed in the long run.