Best commercial speed ovens 2023: Buyer's guide

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  1. Introduction
  2. What is a speed oven?
  3. Benefits of a speed oven
  4. Speed oven heating sources
  5. How to choose the right speed oven for your needs
  6. Other features to consider
  7. Speed oven cooking times
  8. Best speed ovens
  9. Used speed ovens — worth considering?
  10. Frequently asked questions
  11. Speed oven glossary
  12. Keep your cash, use ours!


Picture a piece of kitchen equipment that unites the tenacity of a traditional oven with the speed of a jet boat - that's a commercial speed oven.

This innovative appliance combines multiple heating techniques in a single unit, enabling quicker and more consistent cooking.

A speed oven can cook a wide variety of foods remarkably fast, without compromising on quality, texture, or taste.

Whether it's roasting, baking, broiling, or grilling, a speed oven adapts, ensuring your commercial kitchen keeps pace with the demands.

Given the number of options available, buying the best speed oven for your business can be confusing.

This comprehensive commercial speed oven buyer’s guide will help you understand what you should look for in a speed oven and how to make the right choice.  



What is a speed oven?

Often called a high speed oven or rapid cook oven, the speed oven is a powerful culinary equipment that employs more than one heat transfer mechanism for quick and efficient cooking.

It typically integrates two or more heating techniques - microwave, convection, air impingement, or radiant heating, resulting in a considerable reduction in cooking times, usually 10-15 times less than traditional ovens.

Yet, it upholds the quality and uniformity one expects from conventional cooking methods.

Due to their compact size, speed ovens are particularly valuable in smaller kitchens.


Speed oven Vs Microwave oven

The primary distinction between a speed oven and a microwave oven lies in the heating mechanism.

Unlike a microwave oven that uses only microwave technology, a speed oven leverages multiple heat transfer methods, incorporating convection or radiant heat, or both, alongside microwave technology, thereby achieving more rapid and uniform outcomes.



Benefits of a speed oven

Faster cooking

Speed ovens dramatically decrease cooking time, enhancing service rate and boosting turnover.

Superior quality

Despite their swift cooking time, they ensure top-notch quality, delivering evenly baked and perfectly browned meals.

Consistent results

The output of speed ovens is highly reliable, producing identical results every time.


They offer great versatility, from baking to broiling, toasting, and roasting, enabling commercial kitchens to offer an array of dishes without the need for additional equipment.

Saves space

By delivering the functionality of multiple appliances in a single unit, speed ovens save space in compact kitchens.

Energy efficient

Reduced cooking times make them great at saving energy.



    Speed oven heating sources

    Commercial high speed ovens utilize diverse heating sources for quick and effective cooking.

    Various combinations of heating technology used by speed ovens include:


    Impinged convection heating

    In these models, impingement and convection heating are employed together.

    They focus the convection current directly onto the food using impingement plates and fingers.

    These ovens are perfect for cooking pizzas with crispy crusts and well-melted cheese, toasting sandwiches, and roasting chicken and vegetables, among other things.


    Microwave and convection heating

    These ovens incorporate microwave technology and convection heating to cook food faster.

    They are ideal for making crunchy nachos, beautifully toasted sandwiches, succulent chicken, and delectable cookies.


    Microwave and impinged convection heating

    These employ microwave technology along with impingement convection heating, ensuring food cooks faster and evenly inside while maintaining a crispy outer layer.

    They are suitable for a broad range of dishes, from mozzarella sticks, chicken wings, cookies, and sandwiches to bread and roast chicken.


    Microwave, convection, and radiant heating

    These ovens blend microwave technology with convection and radiant heating, offering the advantages of all three in one appliance.

    They can bake cakes, prepare paninis, or roast vegetables, chicken breasts, and meat swiftly without compromising on flavour or texture.


    Microwave, impinged convection, and radiant heating

    Some advanced models integrate microwave, impingement convection, and radiant heating, delivering unparalleled flexibility and optimal results with quick cooking time.

    From making pizzas, fries, tortillas, and roasting meat or seafood, to baking muffins and signature bread, they perfect it all.


    How to choose the right speed oven for your needs

    According to the performance and capacity, manufacturers typically categorize speed ovens under three different types.

    These are:



    The entry-level versions are usually less powerful than the other two types.

    They are often less than 5000W with a cavity of less than one cubic ft.

    They are also more affordable, and the price range in Canada is around $4000 to $10000, depending on the brand and model.



    Crafted for rigorous commercial requirements, these models are powerful and typically have a wattage spectrum between 3000W and 6000W, with a cavity ranging from as compact as 0.50 cubic ft. to more than one cubic ft.

    They usually range in price from $8,000 to $18,000.



    Maximum-performance speed ovens are perfect for commercial enterprises with high-demand requirements, where the oven is used daily over an extended duration.

    These are sturdy, high-performing, and well-equipped to meet the quick needs of busy Canadian food services.

    With a wattage range generally above 5600W, stretching up to 11000W, these models can boast a cavity as big as two cubic ft. or larger.

    They are typically priced above $11000.



    Before selecting the best speed oven, first, understand your requirements, such as the type and volume of food you will be cooking.

    How much space do you have for the oven, and what types of dishes will you be preparing?

    These questions will assist you in identifying your needs and selecting the appropriate model.



    Other features to consider

    Speed ovens are sophisticated culinary equipment designed to streamline commercial cooking while conserving space and time.

    They usually include a plethora of high-tech features to boost efficiency and simplify operations.

    Some of these features are discussed below.



    Programmable rapid-cook ovens can memorize several recipes, allowing you to prepare a diverse array of dishes consistently, regardless of the chef on duty.

    These devices can be programmed swiftly with a few simple button presses or over Wi-fi.

    Some cutting-edge models can save upwards of 100 recipes, which can be updated effortlessly.



    Ventilation is crucial in commercial kitchens.

    Before acquiring a new speed oven, ensure to check its ventilation specifications and if a hood is necessary.

    However, some speed ovens are ventless, eliminating the need for additional ventilation arrangements, saving space and money.

    The ventless models are perfect for front-of-house applications.


    Wi-fi connectivity

    A straightforward yet highly effective feature.

    Wi-fi connectivity enables you to program and modify the recipes stored in the oven remotely.

    Some models also provide self-diagnostic reports and alerts directly on your connected device, enabling you to monitor the appliance's health and performance from afar.

    This specific feature is especially beneficial for businesses operating in multiple locations.



    Speed oven cooking times

    High-speed ovens can prepare meals 5 to 20 times quicker than traditional ovens, depending on the brand and model.

    Here's a rough estimate of the time it takes to prepare some common dishes in a commercial speed oven.


    • Pizza – 1 minute and 20 seconds to 3 minute 30 seconds
    • Toasted sandwich – 40 seconds to 1 minute and 30 seconds
    • French fries – Less than 2 minutes and 30 seconds
    • Baked potato – 10 to 15 minutes
    • Quesadilla – Around 1 minute
    • Cookies and biscuits – 1 minute and 35 seconds to 6 minutes and 30 seconds
    • Panini – Less than 30 seconds to 1 minute and 30 seconds
    • Chicken breast – 3 minutes and 30 seconds to 4 minutes and 30 seconds



    Best speed ovens


    Unox Logo

    Established in 1990, Unox, an Italian commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer, has expanded its global footprint over the years and now has a prominent presence in over 100 countries.

    The company excels in crafting superior professional ovens and bakery apparatus, tailor-made to satisfy the distinct requirements of the world’s bustling food service sector.

    The company's most praised collection is its assortment of speed ovens.

    These powerful appliances boast unparalleled speed and efficacy and have secured a dependable reputation for their consistent, superior performance.

    Although Unox ovens command a premium price, their value is undisputed.

    Their distinguished offerings include the Bakerlux SPEED.Pro™ and the SPEED-X™ models.

    The SPEED.Pro™ merges the capabilities of a convection oven with the swift operation of a speed oven, providing versatility and rapid results in a single compact unit.

    A game-changer in the industry, the five-tray SPEED-X™ Digital.ID™ stands as one of the first self-cleaning speed ovens on the market, ensuring stellar performance without the fuss.




    Merrchef Logo

    Established in 1950, MerryChef has been at the forefront of advanced culinary machinery, building its global acclaim over seventy years of unyielding innovation and commitment to quality.

    The UK-based firm is widely recognized for revolutionizing the world of commercial cooking with its innovative speed oven technology.

    Boasting a comprehensive portfolio of compact yet potent speed ovens, MerryChef caters to the distinct requirements of bustling commercial kitchens with finesse.

    Their high-grade components, sophisticated features, and dependable service have made them a preferred choice of professionals.

    MerryChef's speed oven collection has two distinct ranges - the well-established eikon series and the contemporary conneX.

    Among the most notable models, the eikon e3 stands out.

    This versatile unit functions as a baker, cooker, toaster, and grill all in one compact appliance.

    Its robust architecture includes an expanded cooking zone that can handle multiple trays, optimizing output.

    The conneX 12 has earned its popularity among businesses looking for cutting-edge, high-speed ovens.

    This ‘always-connected’ oven claims to offer cooking speeds up to 80% faster than traditional ovens.




    Turbochef Logo

    TurboChef, established in 1991, holds a premier position as a manufacturer of speed ovens, distinguished for cutting-edge technology and exemplary cooking capabilities.

    TurboChef's speed ovens are energy-efficient, adaptable, and easy to operate.

    They combine top-tier technology to bring forth all the benefits contemporary innovations have to offer.

    These ovens offer quick cooking times and uniform results without sacrificing quality.

    Two models from TurboChef's range have garnered particular attention.

    The ventless commercial rapid cook oven i5 is prized for its adaptability and high output capacity, making it an ideal fit for larger venues with high volume requirements.

    The TurboChef Bullet stands as another popular selection, blending radiant heating, fast air impingement, and RF energy to achieve extraordinary toasting and heating results.




    Xpresschef Logo

    For more than 50 years, Accelerated Cooking Products (ACP), the maker of XpressChef, has been a top manufacturer of commercial cooking gear, focusing on commercial ovens.

    Their promise to always bring new and reliable products has made them a favourite in the food business.

    XpressChef rapid cook ovens are known for their speed, efficiency, and ability to always cook food just right.

    They use the latest technology for the best flexibility, accuracy, and long life, meeting the needs of busy commercial kitchens all over the world.

    XpressChef 4i is a popular model from the collection.

    With industry-leading features, a large cooking cavity and accelerated cooking times, the oven can efficiently serve large batches and multiple on-demand items quickly.

    XpressChef 2c excels in serving quick baking needs.

    It combines the capability to deliver perfect baking results for a wide range of items in a fraction of the time taken by traditional ovens.




    Celcook Logo

    Celcook by Celco is a trusted name in the Canadian food service industry.

    With over 45 years of experience, Celco is a leading distributor of commercial food service equipment providing customized solutions that simplify operations in busy commercial kitchens. 

    Celcook’s high speed oven collection has three distinct models Chef Express, Rocket Express and Copa Express speed oven.

    These are designed for busy kitchens that need to serve a variety of foods in minimum time.

    The Chef Express is praised for its flexibility and fast cooking capabilities.

    It stores up to 80 recipes with six steps per recipe,  perfect for a busy kitchen.

    The compact Copa Express speed oven, with a sleek black matte finish, is engineered for cooking fresh food to perfection without compromising on cooking quality.

    It is the most compact speed oven with the largest capacity on the market, ideal for kitchens with smaller footprints.



    Used speed ovens — worth considering?

    Spending thousands of dollars on a new commercial speed oven can put a strain on your budget and cash flow.

    If you’d prefer not to invest a lot of money in a speed oven, a cheaper, pre-owned appliance might be the solution you’re looking for.

    SilverChef’s range of ‘Certified Used’ commercial equipment is mostly ex-rental equipment sourced from businesses we know and trust.

    The equipment is typically less than two-and-a-half years old, has been fully refurbished by us, and is backed by a three-month parts-and-labour warranty.

    Considering the effective, or useful, life of a commercial speed oven is around 10 years, you can be sure our Certified Used commercial high speed ovens have plenty of life left in it.

    You can either buy or finance the ‘Certified Used’ (and clearance) equipment on our website. (We’re one of the few financiers, if not the only one, in Canada that funds second-hand commercial kitchen equipment.)

    Read more about ‘Certified Used’ equipment



    Frequently asked questions

    Where can I find the best deal on speed ovens in Canada?

    If you're on the lookout for the finest deals on commercial speed ovens in Canada, there are a few places worth exploring.

    Begin by checking the major appliance stores for ongoing sales or promotional deals.

    Online marketplaces can also be a valuable resource for finding both new and used speed ovens at competitive price points.

    However, for a reliable and convenient option, we recommend browsing our range of certified pre-owned commercial speed ovens, where we assure you of competitive prices and exceptional quality.


    What are the disadvantages of a commercial speed oven?

    Despite the numerous advantages of commercial speed ovens, it is important to understand their potential drawbacks.

    One notable disadvantage is the relatively higher cost compared to traditional ovens.

    Additionally, due to their advanced technology and unique features, they may require additional training and familiarity for optimal usage.

    Maintenance and repair expenses for commercial speed ovens can also be higher.


    Are commercial speed ovens good for baking?

    Commercial speed ovens can be suitable for baking, but generally, their effectiveness depends on the specific requirements and preferences of the baking tasks at hand.

    These ovens are designed to deliver rapid cooking times, and they are not the best choice when it comes to baking delicate items like pastries or cupcakes unless the model is specifically designed for baking.



    Commercial speed oven glossary

    Rapid cook technology

    Innovative technology employed in speed ovens that significantly reduces cooking durations in comparison to conventional ovens.


    Microwave technology

    Utilizing microwaves to generate heat by agitating water molecules found in food, for rapid and efficient cooking.


    Convection Heating

    A technique that employs a fan to evenly circulate heat throughout the oven cavity, resulting in quick and consistent cooking.



    A cooking method that utilizes propelled hot air jets to swiftly cook and achieve a crispy outer layer on food items.


    Programmable controls

    Digital controls for setting specific cooking parameters such as time, temperature, and cooking modes within the oven.


    Multi-stage cooking

    The ability to program multiple cooking stages in an oven, including defrosting, cooking, and browning, into a single cooking process.


    Pre-programmed recipes

    Recipes and cooking programs saved within the oven, automating the cooking process for specific dishes and ensuring consistent results.


    Self-cleaning function

    A convenient feature that employs steam or alternative cleaning methods to simplify and expedite the oven cavity cleaning process.


    Energy-saving mode

    An energy-conserving function that reduces power consumption during periods of inactivity, contributing to lower operating costs.


    Automatic fan control

    A feature that automatically adjusts the oven's fan speed based on the cooking requirements, guaranteeing optimal cooking conditions.



    Keep your cash. Use ours!

    We hope this guide has helped you better understand what you need to look for in a commercial speed oven and how to choose the right model for your needs. If you want to know more, you can always reach out to the SilverChef team.

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