Nous sommes SilverChef.
Que pouvons-nous faire pour vous?

SilverChef a aidé plus de 50 000 entreprises du secteur de la restauration à réaliser leurs rêves. Nous sommes en pleine croissance en Australie, en Nouvelle-Zélande et au Canada — et ce n’est qu’un début. Nous avons le projet ambitieux d’offrir nos solutions de financement flexibles au plus grand nombre possible d’entrepreneurs du secteur de la restauration dans le monde pour qu’ils puissent cesser de rêver et passer à l’action.

Notre raison d’être

SilverChef provides flexible equipment finance for hospitality businesses. Where other financiers moved away from hospitality during COVID, we're still here championing your success. We've been behind you since 1986, proudly investing more than $1bn into the hospitality industry - and counting. We're also a proud certified B Corp; a new kind of business that balances purpose with profit, changing the world for the better. Read more about our purpose.

Within Canada, SilverChef operates nationwide with offices in Vancouver and Toronto, and regional sales teams in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec.

Rêvez grand avec SilverChef

Chez SilverChef, nous sommes la preuve qu’une bonne idée peut faire beaucoup de chemin. Regardez notre vidéo pour découvrir comment nous aidons les gens à réaliser leurs rêves.

Nous aidons les gens à réaliser leurs rêves

In 1986, entrepreneur Allan English discovered a new style of pizza oven in the US. 

Back in Australia, hospitality businesses wanted the ovens but struggled to find the capital to buy them. Facing disaster, Allan had a brainwave – he offered the pizza ovens to rent so that customers could try them before committing. 

This was the birth of SilverChef and the Rent-Try-Buy® product we offer today. The experience of giving young hospitality entrepreneurs a helping hand eventually led Allan to SilverChef’s purpose of helping people achieve their dreams in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and around the world.

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Whether you're an established business or just starting out, we have the expertise and flexible finance solutions to help you succeed.

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